1 Simple Rule to Living with No Regrets

It’s obvious that most people living in this day and time have major FOMO. The last thing we want is to be left out or left behind. But even more paralyzing than that is the fear of reaching our “scary age” with overwhelming regrets of what we should have done or could have done better.  


More of us need to understand the value in screwing up. Our failures aren’t something that we should avoid or wish away because it’s the perfect teacher. A simple rule to living a life with no regrets is to learn. Learn from every situation, every opportunity, and every mistake. 


Regrets can’t exist where a lesson is learned. You very well may fail your way to rock bottom, but decide to learn from your actions along the way and apply them to your future. Yes, the naysayers and onlookers will have plenty to say, but just tell them that you’re “getting an education.” This is the university of life!


You never become a better person by doing everything right or receiving a bunch of accolades. Compliments and recognition are great, but they only affirm what you already know to be true – that you’re a pretty dope individual with the capacity to accomplish great things. But in those moments of mistakes and rejections, we truly learn who we are, who we desire to become, and what’s necessary to bridge the gap between the two. 


The beauty of living is allowing your experiences to shape, shift, and change you. Every day, you get to add to the person you are by what you’re able to learn. So don’t let your regrets of the situations themselves rob you the opportunity to evolve.


Be Encouraged & Stay Blessed!

Constance D. Gordon

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Constance Gordon