3 Habits to Stay Positive in a Toxic Environment

Have you ever dreaded going somewhere that you couldn’t avoid?

Do you leave certain places feeling drained and lifeless?

Is your environment lacking the positivity and encouragement that you need to stay motivated?


We often feel this way about environments that have some level of toxicity- whether it be work, school, or even our own homes. These environments have a huge affect on our daily motivation as well as our mental and physical functioning. People who are often in toxic environments experience insomnia, depression, and mental fogginess, to say the least.


If any of this seems all too familiar to you, then you might want to consider including these 3 simple habits into your daily routine.


  1. Be Proactive – “Start how you want to finish”

Come up with a morning routine that will act as a suit of armor against the toxic daggers that may be thrown at you. What motivates you? Makes you happy? Inspires you? Fill your morning with these things so that you feel positive, powerful, and energized going into your day no matter what comes your way.


Even if you have to wake up 30 minutes to an hour earlier to fit it all in, it’ll be worth it! Whether it’s making a music playlist, watching morning motivational YouTube videos, working out, reading a devotional, watching the sun rise, or cooking a breakfast that excites you – do whatever gets you out of bed and excited about the day!


  1. Change your Perspective – “Be the change you want to see”

Make a decision to respond positively and constructively to toxic occurrences in your environment instead of merely reacting to them. Don’t allow yourself to be a pawn to the drama and dysfunction. Be the influence, not just the influenced.


Do you realize the power that your presence has? You can change the entire atmosphere of a room simply by walking into it. What energy are you usually bringing into your already toxic environments? Does your attitude change the atmosphere for the better or worse? Because I guarantee, it’s doing one or the other.


People and situations may try to test you, but decide to see those things as opportunities to positively influence the environment around you!


  1. Make a cheat-sheet – “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”

What are some of the usual occurences of your environment that contribute its negativity? Think about those “I knew this was going to happen” or “here we go again” moments that tend to reoccur and make a plan ahead of time about how you will handle or respond to it.


Having a plan takes the anxiety out of any situation, even a toxic one. And although you can’t plan for everything, being prepared for what has a tendency to happen often will help you to reserve your energy on those surprise situations.


Aren’t you tired of facing the same nerve-wracking situations day in and day out? Well if you want things to change you have to do things differently. Clear the toxic fog around you and reignite your passion for each day! I challenge you to trying these 3 habits for 21 days and see if it doesn’t change your life!!







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About the Author : Constance Gordon

Constance Gordon