5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Crushing Your Goals

  1. Sleep during healing hours

Goal crushing doesn’t always leave much time for sleep. Most people don’t realize this, but there is a window of time that’s optimal for your body’s ability to repair itself. These “healing hours” are between 10pm and 2am. So even if you only have a few hours to snooze, try to plan to do it during this time to decrease the effects of fatigue on your brain and body.


  1. Take vitamins

The hustle and grind of it all can really take a toll on your ability to function. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re consistent with taking daily vitamins. Doing this helps to strengthen bones, boosts the immune system, convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. It’s the simplest way to make sure your body is getting what it needs to run effectively. 


  1. Eat well

You may not have time to hit the gym everyday when you have a goal to reach, especially if you’re on a deadline. But thankfully, 90% of your body’s health is determined by what you put into it. So even if you have to skip a few workouts in the name of goal crushing, eating healthy, well-balanced diets and snacks throughout the day can help to maintain your physical health and physique. But just as a side note: A short workout is better than no workout. So if you slip on your diet and you only have 5-20 minutes to spare, use it! Even if it’s a short stretch or jogging in place. 


  1. Listen to your body

Sometimes, when we have a goal and a deadline in front of us, we can get tunnel vision and block everything else out, even important cues from our own brains and bodies. Make a regular habit of checking in on yourself. Ask yourself how your feeling, if you’re okay, and if you need a break. Stay aware of your functioning – pay attention to symptoms of fatigue, stress, and becoming overwhelmed. Remember: Short, frequent breaks are more effective than waiting until the work is finished to take a hiatus.  


  1. Know what/who to say ‘no’ to

There will never be a shortage of distractions that will try to interfere with accomplishing your goals. Sometimes, this can be improved by simply creating boundaries so that you aren’t taking on more than you can handle at one time. Become clear about your goals and your plan for accomplishing them so that you can say no to things (and people) that do not line up with that. This will relieve the pressure and eliminate the possibility of expelling all of your energy in the wrong places. 


Being busy isn’t an excuse to neglect your health. Being healthy is actually a requirement to achieving the goals you’re striving towards. Being consistent with these quick, simple tips can ensure your health and even help you become more effective in your daily routine!


Be Encouraged & Stay Blessed!

Constance D. Gordon


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