Give What You Want

How many times a week, a day even, do you find yourself burnt out? Emotionally tired? Exhausted and just wanting a little encouragement? If you’re like me, this is something I often find myself seeking or desiring to get me through the tough times.

I want to challenge and encourage you today to try something new..

When this overwhelming feeling of “I’m not getting enough attention” or “I’m not feeling enough acknowledgement” comes over you, reach out and offer encouragement to someone else. Find someone that needs a kind word or a generous heart in their life and be that.

When we give the things to others that we ourselves need it comes back to us ten fold. I’ve experienced this in my own life. On the days I feel the most unwanted, unloved, or overlooked, and I get outside of myself to help someone else in need, my need seems to lessen. I am always left feeling much better about myself and my situation.

Living a selfless life is far more satisfying than one so focused on our own needs. This kind of attitude keeps us trapped in our own pity party and unable to experience true joy. True joy comes from the laying down of ones own life for the needs of others. It is such a deeper satisfaction to know you made a difference in someone else’s life.

So, what do you need today? Time? Attention? Love? Acceptance? Encouragement? The list goes on and on. I would like to challenge you to find someone that needs these things in their life and begin to pour them out so that you may be filled back up.

Provide them with the things that you need and you will experience the peace and joy that come from a selfless life.

Much love,

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About the Author : Kendra Disspain

Kendra Disspain