Joy Is A Choice!


Joy. What is joy?


I think this word has spent a lot of its life misunderstood. A lot like myself. But no matter. What is joy to you? Smiling? Laughing? Dancing? Spending time with loved ones?



There are so many things that bring us joy but what is it really?



I can tell you what it’s not, a feeling. Unlike happiness, which is simply put, something you feel not something you have or achieve. Joy on the other hand is something you can have, in abundance.



It comes in many forms but the true foundation of joy is knowing God. Aside from this there are three things I believe contribute to having joy.


  1. Forgiveness
  2. Resting
  3. Passion



Forgiving others, and yourself, for any wrongs frees your heart to love and live in peace and pursue it more fully.


Resting allows your mind to catch up to the current season you are in and gives you an opportunity to reflect on number three. It’s also medicine for the weary soul.


Passion drive us, motivates us, to chase our dreams, believe in good things. It gives us the strength to hope in better things for ourself and our family.


All of these things separately are important but together they can bring you a joy that surpasses all understanding. When you are operating in joy, your purpose becomes more present each day.


Seek it with all you have and you will never run out.


Much love,


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Kendra Disspain