Let It Go

Let It Go!

It’s such a powerful thing, learning how to let go, because life consists of having to do this over and over..

There will come a point, or many points, in all of our lives that we have to choose to let go of pain, bitterness, regret, guilt, and so many others things. This is such a vital lesson to learn for many reasons.

1. What you hold on to will weigh you down:
– Holding on to things that may have happened years ago only cloud your judgement for today and strip it of it’s joy and potential to be great. There is no sense in allowing things we have gone through to control our present because it no longer lives there and understanding that could make such a difference in our lives.

2. Not letting it go hurts more than just you:
– The people around you become affected by the things you choose to harbor inside whether you realize it or not. You become distant, or short with people because maybe the way others have treated you has stripped you of trusting the next person to enter your life.

3. Letting go frees you to receive:
– Shedding the weight of past pain can open your heart to new beginnings, greater capacity to love those around you and a peace that exists in your life from knowing that you are right with not only God, but yourself and others. That my friends, is something to strive for. Peace.

Though, sometimes it may be easier to allow yourself to feel angry, or upset, or bitter, or down because of something you have gone through, it has control over you and is keeping you stuck in reverse when life is not meant to be lived this way. It moves one direction but you have to choose to move with it. It is not an easy decision or road but one that is so, so worth it!

Whatever you may be hurt by from your past, do yourself a favor and learn to let it go.

The things we refuse to let go of continue to have a hold on us.

Much love,

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