The Power Of Rest

The Power of Rest

I find it incredibly challenging at times to not only relax, but to see the value in rest. It may be a New York City thing, but it always appears around me that everyone is hustling, on the grind, hitting the pavement, and taking no prisoners all the while.

Thankfully I learned within two years in California that there is so much to be Earned and Learned during rest. It is often in the moments of physical and mental rest where the most brilliant ideas have room to brew.

Think about the gym. When you are working out you are actually shredding your muscles. It is during the rest and recovery that the muscles come back together and come back stronger. This is a clear indication that there is almost more to be accomplished during recovery than during action!

Below are three of several types of rest that I believe will increase your productivity, creativity, and energy.

1) Active Meditation
– This gives your the opportunity to allow thoughts to enter your mind, vacation for a moment, and then pass through. All the while you are able to relax the body and let the mind handle one thing at a time. This can be done with incense, candles, and music. Take just 3-5 minutes in your day and you will feel a difference!

2) Motivational Videos
– I have gained so much knowledge and incite from laying in my bed and watching a good motivational speech on my computer. There are often times that yourself and others have mentioned concepts that don’t quite hit home until a stranger brings it to life. It is such an amazing feeling when someone on a screen, who doesn’t know you at all, is able to pull your cards and let you know about yourself! There is so much content on the internet that can enhance your life by opening up your perspective and helping you eliminate the un-realized waste in your life

3) Lead Actor Focus
– Before bed at night or before getting up in the morning, make sure that you are the lead actor and focus of the moment. Put the phones away, TV remotes down, and turn the computers off! Make sure that the day starts and ends with a reminder of your power, potential, and prosperity. Don’t allow the world to be the Leads and you to be the Background.

There is so much power in rest, stillness, tranquility, serenity, and recovery. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow because of an innate desire to be active. Never confuse busyness with productivity.

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