What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?..

Someone recently asked me why I chose to start going to church. After about 15 minutes of me explaining what I’ve been through I realized I had not answered the actual question that he asked me. That. Is. The worst.

Once I realized what I did I pondered that question for a while then revisited the topic. “I chose Jesus because, I tried everything else that was bringing me pain and misery. So I figured why not? It has been the single best decision of my entire life.”

Of course it goes a lot deeper than that and I could say so much more, but we must all answer the same question at some point in our lives. Why do we choose to do what we do? Why that job? Why that decision? Why that relationship? Why that career path? It’s a question that we often don’t feel we will ever have the answer to but knowing it will get you through so much hardship. Will it benefit us and our future family? Will it provide security? Will it transform us more and more in to the person we wish to become? Or is it just a box to check off along the journey?

If your why is strong enough, it can become the foundation to withstand the storms of life. It’s not enough to do something, “Just because”. This leaves you feeling spent, underappreciated, exhausted, and lacking the desire to find joy in it. You have to exist from a place of a passionate why in order to push through persecution, disappointment, discouragement, and an array of many other things that try to keep you out of everything God has for you.

Knowing your why will help guide you through the confusion and desire to give up. It will give you the strength you need on the bad days and the joy that you need on the good.

So, what’s your why? If you’re not sure, ask yourself this question..

If money wasn’t an issue, why would I be doing what I’m doing?

If you can’t answer, maybe it’s time for a shift.

Much love,

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